18 Mar 2021
LiveLighter launches new campaign to tackle junk food delivery

Cancer Council WA has launched a new LiveLighter campaign targeting junk food delivery services, with new data revealing the marketing spend by food delivery brands has increased by 290% since 2017. The campaign encourages West Australians to make quick, tasty and nutritious meals at home instead.

10 Aug 2020
Toxic fat ad relaunched as junk food home deliveries double

Cancer Council WA has relaunched the LiveLighter 13 Cancers public education campaign to remind Western Australians not to be complacent with their health, just as junk food giant McDonalds boasts record home delivery sales during COVID-19.

16 Jul 2020
The road to kids’ sporting success paved with healthy food, not hamburgers

As restrictions ease and West Aussie kids return to junior sport, Cancer Council WA, through its LiveLighter program, is urging all parents to be aware of the foods and drinks children are exposed to when participating in organised sports.

10 May 2020
Junk food brands cashing in on lockdown

Public health groups have slammed fast food corporations for their shameless marketing targeting people in isolation, health workers and bored kids during the COVID-19 pandemic.

30 Apr 2020
Pandemic priorities: LiveLighter urges Aussies not to neglect health

A new survey has revealed the toll COVID-19 restrictions are taking on Australians’ health, with more than a third exercising less while in lockdown, while a quarter are eating less healthily under the current conditions.

11 Feb 2020
Study reveals school kids are bombarded by unhealthy ads

Cancer Council WA is calling for urgent State Government action as a new study shows that WA school kids are being bombarded with unhealthy food advertising on public transport on their way to school every day.

08 Feb 2020
LiveLighter’s latest campaign denied by social media giants

Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram blocked Cancer Council WA’s latest LiveLighter® public health campaign on raising awareness of the health impacts of sugary drinks consumption

19 Jan 2020
Peak Bodies warn ‘Sugary Drinks are a Rotten Choice’

The major aims of the campaign are to discourage the purchase of sugary drinks and reduce family and household consumption of these products. Parents of school-aged children are the primary target audience as they are likely to be the main grocery buyer for their household and have a significant influence on the consumption habits of their family.

24 Dec 2019
Study reveals the truth about the kJ count in non-alcoholic alcohol drinks

LiveLighter analysed products from 26 bottle shops and supermarkets in the Perth metro area, including non-alcoholic versions of beer, wine, cider and spirits, and compared their number of kilojoules against their alcoholic equivalents.

21 Dec 2019
New stats confirm hungover young adults make unhealthy choices

New data released by Cancer Council confirms the long-held perception that young Australian adults are likely to turn to unhealthy fatty and salty foods the day after drinking alcohol.

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