Fresh food, or food you can make at home is often cheaper than highly processed packaged food!

Look at our comparisons of fresh or home made food compared to highly processed packaged snacks:

Regular Muesli Bar
Muesli bar
vs Live Lighter Muesli
Home made muesli bar
Fruit Rollup
Fruit roll up
vs Apple
Fresh fruit 
$2.5 - $5 / kg
vs Home Made Popcorn
Home Made Popping Corn
$5 / kg
Take away burger 
$37.5 - 41.70/kg

Home Made Popcorn
Home made chicken burger
$9.35 / kg

Example of an Australian price label

Don't forget to compare items using the unit price!

Australian price labels now show the cost per kilo (or per 100g) of packaged foods. If you choose to purchase packaged food, use the unit price to compare products and get better value for money!

Shop Smarter

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Extending Meals

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