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Policy and Research Coordinator

Ellen Hart

Ellen is the Senior Campaign Coordinator for the LiveLighter healthy lifestyle campaign at Cancer Council WA. With a background in psychology, Ellen worked in mental health when first out of university but soon learnt that her passion lay in preventative health rather than support and treatment. Since completing her masters in health promotion Ellen has worked in a variety of research and health education/promotion roles, including on the Make Smoking History and Alcohol.Think Again campaigns. Ellen is a passionate advocate for creating healthy environments and supporting individuals to live in a sustainably healthy way. Ellen first joined the LiveLighter campaign in early 2019 in a research and policy position prior to stepping in to coordinate the mass media side of the campaign in mid-2022. Outside of work you’ll find Ellen with her dog at the beach, taking photos, spending quality time with family and friends, or in the pilates studio.

Articles by this author

  • Mental health and diet

    Food and mood: what’s the link?

    • Oct 07, 2021
    • by Ellen Hart

    Excitingly, scientific research into what we eat and how it’s linked to our risk of developing mental health conditions and our mental wellbeing is growing. While there is still more to learn, researchers have been able to tease out some of the ways in which diet can alter our physiology, and the impact that this may have on mood.

  • Mediterranean diet

    6 ways to eat your way to better mental health

    • Oct 07, 2021
    • by Ellen Hart

    In support of Mental Health Week 2020 (and boy do we need it this year!), we've put together some practical tips to help you eat your way to better mental health.

  • Sunset

    Sit-ups for the mind

    • Apr 19, 2021
    • by Ellen Hart

    We all have the ability to be more present in our daily lives, but like becoming physically fitter, it’s something we have to put a little bit of effort into.

  • 60 foot falls

    Ways to make mum feel special this Mother’s Day

    • May 09, 2019
    • by Ellen Hart

    Burnt toast and cold tea might have been your go-to choice for mum as a kid, but now that you’re all grown up it’s time to find new ways to celebrate mum on Mother’s Day. There are plenty of simple things you can do to make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day, you might even enjoy them too!