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Fresh fruit and veg are nutritious and tasty, but how do they compare to alternatives?

Canned, frozen and dried fruit and vegetables have a much longer shelf life and are often cheaper than fresh produce. Once picked, fruit and vegies grown for freezing and canning are processed immediately, sealing in nutrients. If fresh produce has been sitting in cold storage for some time, then frozen and canned varieties may even have a higher nutrient content! 


We’ve come a long way since soggy peas, carrots and corn mix!

Benefits of frozen fruit and vegies

  • Pre-prepared (pre-peeled, chopped and cooked options)
  • Usually cheaper than fresh
  • Available all year round
  • Just as nutritious
  • Can use as much as you need (don’t need to finish a tin)
  • Keep in the freezer for 3 – 12 months

Some of our favourites

frozen spinach
Such good value compared to cooking your own from fresh which always wilts down to nothing! Throw a handful in a pasta sauce or try our spinach rolls!
peas and beans
Peas, beans and corn
They maintain their texture really well. Ready to try something new? Edamame and broad beans are also great if you’re looking to branch out!
Stiry fry veg
Stir fry mix
There’s loads of different mixes available. Find one you like and stock up for the base of a super quick and easy meal.
Great addition to smoothies or the basis for a sorbet
Frozen berries
Delicious on muesli, in smoothies or in a baked dessert


So convenient – they will sit happily in the pantry or even a desk drawer till called upon to save the day. Go for “no-added-salt” vegies if available. Choose fruits canned in juice over fruits canned in syrup.

Benefits of tinned fruit and veg

  • Shelf stable
  • Portable
  • Usually cheaper than fresh
  • Available all year round
  • Many types are ready to eat
  • Some types have added herbs and other flavour

Some of our favourites

Excellent addition to sandwiches and salads, and less mess than cooking your own.
Beans and legumes
Great for bulking up pasta sauces and mince dishes.
Can’t make hummus without them! Also great as a crunchy snack.
canned tomato
Essential for pasta, Mexican and curry.
baked beans
Baked Beans


Dried fruit, veg and legumes keep for ages and are great for adding flavour and texture to dishes.

Benefits of dried fruit and veg

  • Shelf stable
  • Usually cheaper than fresh
  • Available all year round
  • Can just use as much as you need (don’t need to finish a tin)
  • Often have a stronger flavour

Some of our favourites

Dried herbs
They’re a great way to add flavour to simple ingredients
Dried lentils
Dried lentils, split peas and beans are really cheap and keep for ages. Delicious added to soups stews and casseroles (note that some need to be soaked first).
Dried fruit
Dried fruit
Great for added zing in salads and baked goods. These are one to enjoy only occasionally, as they are quite a concentrated source of sugar, and the stickiness is bad for teeth.
Garlic powder
Garlic and onion powder
These deliver a powerful flavour punch and are especially good in vegetarian dishes to give a big “meaty” flavour
Sundried tomato
Sundried tomatoes
These pops of flavour are great in salads, pasta sauces and sandwiches and are a lovely addition to cheese boards.