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by Amelia Harray, Dietitian

As featured on Today Tonight.

LiveLighter did a survey on over 90 flavoured milks available in WA and VIC to see how they stack up.

We found that the majority of flavoured milks are sold in serving sizes that are too big and therefore contribute far too much added sugar.  

Flavoured milks overwhelmingly have sugar added to them. Choose flavoured milks with the lowest amount of sugar per 100mL (4-5g of sugar per 100mL will come naturally from lactose in milk). Take note of those that claim ‘no added sugar’ (this is good!) and choose the smallest serving size. Of the flavoured milks surveyed, some of the worst offenders had over 10g of sugar per 100mL, double what you would normally find in milk.  

Milk and milk products are an important part of a healthy diet and many people don’t consume enough serves for good health. Flavoured milks can be an acceptable option if you're struggling to get enough dairy into you or your family's diet. The good news is there are healthy options that contain very little added sugar. 

Better still, if you are at home make your own smoothies with milk, yoghurt and fruit. If you are on the go buy a 6 pack of long life milk in 200mL packs – these are a great option for the kids when you're out and about.

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