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Jasmin Cavanagh, Student Dietitian (2022)

Convenience foods have been a game changer for our busy lives! With food prices skyrocketing though, have you been looking for a way to save at the checkout, while still keeping the convenience?

Because, let’s face it, budgets have gotten tighter, but our lives are still just as busy!

These make-your-own single serve oats will help you to get the best of both worlds.

Single serve savings!

Single serve oat sachets can quickly set us back at the shops, costing more than four times the price of a bag of quick oats. Over a year, this simple swap can save $75-125 depending on your brand of choice.  

The basic recipe

Empty containers

1. Choose your container

Think recycled jars, re-useable containers, or zip-lock bags (remember to wash and re-use).

2. Portion it out

We use 1/3 cup quick oats, but add more if you tend to feel a little hungrier in the morning. Stash some in the pantry, some at work and even an emergency serve in your bag.

3. Mix and microwave

Add your oats plus ½ cup of water or milk to a LARGE microwave safe bowl or container. Running low on fresh milk? Try ½ cup of water plus 2 tablespoons of milk powder for a creamy option. You can even pre-portion the milk powder in with the oats! Microwave on high for 90 seconds. Microwaves vary –get the hang of yours and adjust.

Make it convenient... but fancy!

Not only will your home-made oats be the perfect portion, tailored to the amount you want to eat, but you’re also not limited to the flavours you can buy in the shops. There are lots of flavour options to try, here are some of our favourites:

Simple cinnamon

Just like the name suggests, sprinkle in some ground cinnamon to add a hint of flavour. Your pre-portioned oats will keep fresh in the cupboard until needed.

Fruity oats

Add a small scoop of sultanas or dried blueberries to your pre-portioned oats, these will keep well and plump up while your oats are cooking!


Got cocoa? Sprinkle in to taste. A little or a lot? It’s up to you! Pre-portion and store, ready to go. When cooked, add tangy Greek yoghurt on top for the perfect addition to your chocolate porridge.

Want a little more flavour?

Level up your oat game, with our freezer options:

Berry-tastic oats

Pick your frozen berries of choice, add to your pre-portioned oats and store in the freezer for freshness until needed.

Apple-cinnamon oats

Add a sprinkle of cinnamon, grate in some apple, and freeze until needed.

Tropical oats

Try adding frozen mango or pineapple chunks and some shredded coconut to your oats, before freezing for later.

The freezer options will take a little more time to cook, but we promise the wait is worth it!

Looking for more variety and want to use your oats in other ways? We have plenty of healthy oat-inspired recipes for you to try!

LiveLighter supports future health professionals through engagement with Australian Universities. This student blog was created for LiveLighter as part of  a Public Health Nutrition Placement at Cancer Council WA (Master of Dietetics at Curtin University, Western Australia).

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