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04 Jan 2016
4 in 10 Victorians not doing enough exercise. Make 2016 your fittest year yet: health experts

Victorians are being urged to make 2016 their fittest year yet, as latest figures show 4 in 10 adults are not active enough for good health .

10 Nov 2015
Victoria's poorest at greatest risk of weight-related disease

Victoria’s lowest income households have the highest rates of obesity, lowest intake of vegetables and do the least amount of exercise compared to other households, putting them at greatest risk of chronic disease, new research from LiveLighter Victoria has found.

11 Oct 2015
Graphic new TV ad highlights health risks of sugary drinks

A graphic new television advertisement highlighting the serious health effects of regular sugary drink consumption will hit Victorian screens this weekend as part of a campaign encouraging people to cut back.

22 Jun 2015
Fast food, mindless eating & inactivity but smarter snacking : New research reveals the Shape of Victoria

New research released today by LiveLighter paints a vivid picture of the typical Victorian’s lifestyle, with many confessing to regularly eating fast food, skipping breakfast, and not doing enough exercise.

19 May 2015
8 in 10 Victorian dieters choose recipe for disaster: survey reveals

More than 80% of Victorian dieters are choosing fad diets that can involve cutting out fat, fasting for two days a week and eating like cavemen.

19 Apr 2015
Graphic 'toxic fat' ads are back

Hard-hitting TV advertisements showing graphic images of the serious damage being overweight can cause internal organs will screen across the state again from tonight.

24 Mar 2015
Obese women 40% more likely to develop some cancers

New figures have revealed that women who are obese are 40% more likely to develop certain cancers than women of a healthy weight, prompting urgent calls for Victorians to be aware of the link between weight and cancer.

24 Sep 2014
Thousands of Victorians sign up to LiveLighter in first 4 weeks of campaign

Over 5,000 Victorians have taken positive steps for their health by registering for the LiveLighter meal and activity planner in the month since the public health education campaign launched in Victoria.

19 Aug 2014
Victorian Aboriginal healthy eating campaign

Cancer Council Victoria and the Heart Foundation, in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO), are launching a campaign to encourage Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to make small changes to their eating habits for better health and wellbeing.

17 Aug 2014
First graphic obesity TV campaign launched in Victoria

Victorians will come face-to-face with the health impacts of ‘toxic fat’ as the state’s first ever, hard-hitting campaign about the risks of being overweight or obese is launched today.

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