The time between meals can often be a danger zone in our efforts to maintain a healthy weight. Whether it be hunger, boredom or stress, there are many things that can draw us towards quick and often unhealthy snacks.

Many quick snack choices are high in added sugar and saturated fat, and contribute a lot more to our daily kilojoule intake than we think. For example, just one handful of chips can contain up to three teaspoons of fat and provide the same amount of kilojoules as a small meal.

If you feel like a snack, here are some options to start snacking better:

pitcher of water

Have a drink of water first.
You may actually be thirsty!

dried fruit

Instead of lollies, try fresh or dried fruit which is packed full of vitamins and fibre to fill you up, and has less sugar than a bag of lollies.

vege sticks

Fancy some potato chips?
Crunch on some vegetable sticks and hummus with only ¼ of the fat.

plain, unsalted nuts

Instead of roasted salted nuts, have some plain unsalted nuts which are a healthy snack if eaten in small amounts. Roasting adds more fat so choose unroasted nuts.

cup of fruit salad

Craving a chocolate bar?
Get that sweet hit you're after with a cup of fruit salad. It contains only 1/3 of the kilojoules, ½ the sugar and almost no fat.

sliced fruit bread

Feel like a muffin?
Grab a slice of fruit bread with a light spread of low fat cream cheese containing less fat, and almost ½ the energy and sugar content of most muffins.

wholegrain crackers, cheese and tomato

Fancy a sausage roll?
Try wholegrain crackers, cheese and tomato. This contains almost ½ the kilojoules and fat of a sausage roll.

Healthy and convenient snacks

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