If you want to support staff to improve their health, but you’re short on time and resources, then our quick wins are for you. These are easy, low cost and practical ways to encourage workers to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Point of decision posters

These posters are designed to encourage specific healthy behaviours through a gentle prompt at the point of decision making.

Healthy newsletter updates for staff

One way that workplaces can keep health and wellbeing top-of-mind for staff is via the LiveLighter newsletters. There are a few different options:

  • Encourage staff to sign up to the LiveLighter e-newsletter.
  • Sign up to the LiveLighter e-newsletter and forward this on to all staff when it hits your inbox each month.
  • We've also developed a set of pdf newsletters that you can download, print and leave in high traffic areas like the lunchroom.

Want more ideas?

You can view information about health promotion for professionals or download our easy-to-use best practice guide can assist you in finding the winning combination of strategies to help you achieve a healthier workplace.

Online training

Make your program a success! Our FREE self-paced online training covers the basics of how to plan and implement a workplace health program.

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