Workplace health promotion not only benefits workers by reducing their risk of chronic disease, it’s also great for business!

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Adapted from Workcover Tasmania.

Getting started

When planning a workplace health program, it can be hard to know where to start. Our toolkit takes you through the steps and provides a practical guide to help you plan, deliver, and evaluate an effective workplace health program.

Building the business case for workplace health

Getting support from management is important as they can commit money and resources to the program to help make it a success. A great way to gain management support is to provide evidence of how investing in workplace health and wellbeing will benefit the business. Our business case for workplace health outlines the benefits of investing in the health and wellbeing of employees.

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Best practice strategies for improving workplace health

Using a combination of these strategies is the most effective approach for encouraging employees to adopt healthier behaviours. Our easy-to-use best practice guide will help you select the winning combination of strategies that will work best for your workplace.

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Creating a workplace health and wellbeing policy

Developing a workplace health and wellbeing policy demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to health and outlines how your workplace will support employees to be healthier.

Our ready-to-use template takes the hard work out of developing a new health and wellbeing policy. The template includes four priority health areas (smoking, nutrition, physical activity and alcohol) and can be tailored to suit your workplace’s needs.

Free online training

Our free online training covers the basics of workplace health promotion. It includes four self-paced modules that will assist you to develop a comprehensive and tailored health program for your workplace. If you’re short on time, you can pause the training at any time and return to it (on the same device) to resume.

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Support for community and health service organisations

Cancer Council WA's Make Smoking History program offers individualised support to community and health service organisations in Western Australia who are looking to implement smoke-free policies and strategies. For more information visit the Make Smoking History webpage.

Online training

Make your program a success! Our FREE self-paced online training covers the basics of how to plan and implement a workplace health program.

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