Don't treat junk food as everyday food

Takeaway used to be an occasional treat but these days, Australians are eating more, and more often.

Fast food is highly processed and loaded with sugar, salt, saturated and trans fat, while being low in fruit, vegies, fibre and wholegrains. It also tend to come in much bigger servings than we need.

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Eating junk food and sugary drinks regularly can make you put on weight. This puts you at risk of 13 types of cancer and health conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The proliferation of meal delivery apps has made unhealthy food and drinks more accessible than ever before. 

Ready to make a change?

If you're sick of paying top dollar for greasy takeaway packed full of cheap ingredients, then you've come to the right place.

Use our Recipe Finder App to find tasty, easy and healthy versions of your fast food favourites that you can make at home.

You could also sign up for a meal planner, download our new takeaway recipe booklet, or see how you can snack smarter.


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There are loads of healthy on-the-go snacks that you can stash in your bag or car. Perfect for when hunger strikes!

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Weight and cancer: what’s the link?

Carrying excess body fat is a risk factor for 13 types of cancer. It's the fat stored deep inside our body around our organs that is of most concern. Fat cells produce chemicals that can cause the cells in your body to divide abnormally, which may develop into cancer.

Eating well and being active can help you stop gaining weight or lose weight to reduce your risk of cancer. These things will also improve your health and reduce your risk of cancer, regardless of whether or not your weight changes!

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