by Stefanie Hodson, Communications Officer

As we emerge from winter, with longer days and the weather starting to warm up, spring presents the perfect opportunity for us to reset and focus on eating well.

For many of us, the last 18 months have been a stressful and uncertain time as we’ve navigated lockdowns, working from our living rooms, and home-schooling – pushing our health and wellness to the backburner.

To help get you back into a healthy routine, we’ve launched our September Fruit and Veg challenge. The challenge has 12 fruit and veg mini challenges spread out across the month. There are also plenty of tips, fun facts and links to recipes and resources to make packing more goodness into your day both easy and fun!

There’s also a serve guide and a tally chart on the back so you can keep track of how many serves of fruit and veg you’re getting each day. Aim for two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables daily!

If you’re not sure which fruit and vegetables are in season, or need some help on how to select or prepare certain fruits and vegetables, check out our A to Z guide of Fruit and Vegetables.

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