by Shannon Crane, Media & Communications Advisor


Three weeks ago we introduced you to our newest healthy lifestyle champion, Andrea.

I sat down with her to find out how she’s tracking.

It was fantastic to hear that despite some health challenges, Andrea is still motivated and sticking with her new LiveLighter lifestyle!

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Andrea (centre) has been going for walks in her lunch break.

Shannon: How have you been going with the LiveLighter 3-2-1 meal plan?

Andrea: I will admit that I have not been using the recipes much but I use the breakfast and lunch builders every day.  I feel I really have breakfast and lunch under control.  I’m also good with healthy snacks.  I’ve been taking some hummus to work and having that in the afternoon when I’m feeling peckish. Sometimes I have it with carrot sticks (I don’t like raw celery) and sometimes with a few rice crackers.  I also have two to three pieces or serves of fruit a day and sometimes some fat free, no added sugar yoghurt. I can’t wait for raspberry season!

Shannon: What about snacks at night time? You said you struggled to resist the chips and chocolate that magically appear on the couch next to you.

Andrea: I’m getting much better at resisting. I did buy some multipacks of chips. You know, the little packs for lunchboxes. If I’m really craving them, instead of eating a giant bag or beating myself up about it, I have a little packet. Portion control is great!  I also sometimes have a few nuts to beat the cravings.

Shannon: So, if you’re not always using the meal plan for dinner, what do you do?

Andrea: I am learning to adjust some of my favourite recipes and make them healthier. There are some great Facebook pages with low fat, healthy recipes and they give me ideas. I also get inspiration from the meal planner. I like to experiment and turn recipes into my own.  

I generally try to pack in as much veg as I can, particularly greens which I love. I choose lean proteins and I skip sauces and gravies unless I have a roast and then I make my own. I also have a small serving of rice, pasta or potato. I have an airfryer so I can cook hot chips that are crispy and delicious with minimal oil. It’s great. It’s not all about only choosing low fat foods but also about cooking them with minimal fats and oils. 

Shannon: What about exercise? Have you been able to do much?

Andrea: I have increased my incidental exercise. I take the stairs when I can, starting at the station on the way to work. If I only need to go up or down one or two floors at work then I take the stairs. In the past week, I’ve started getting off the tram a stop early on the way to work. I also intend to walk most days in my lunch break. I work near a lake so it’s a nice place to go for a walk. One of my colleagues is keen to walk each day too, so we’ll keep each other on track.

Shannon: Do you have any concerns or challenges at the moment?

Andrea: I do have a cold right now and it’s brought on asthma. When my asthma gets hard to manage, I have to take steroids, which make me really hungry and also lead to fluid retention. The last time I took steroids, I put on 4kg. I’m hoping that I will avoid steroids this time, but if I need to take them, hopefully I can resist the hunger or at least choose healthy options. It’s quite the rollercoaster having multiple health issues and trying to lose weight, but I won’t give up. I may just have to take a break now and then.

The team at LiveLighter is so impressed with the effort Andrea is putting in (and we’re sure you are too)!

Stay tuned for Andrea’s first video on LiveLighter’s Facebook page and Twitter account to find out more.

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Andrea, our healthy lifestyle champion

Keen to make your own healthy changes? LiveLighter’s flexible 3-2-1 Meal Plan is a great place to start. Try it for free on the LiveLighter website.

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