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by Anne Finch, Accredited Practising Dietitian for LiveLighter

Did you draw the short straw this year? Or do you love planning events?  Step outside the box this festive season and plan something interesting for your workplace. There are loads of ways to celebrate that are memorable and will help your team keep well through the festive season.

1. Fresh feasts

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Take inspiration from the weather rather than the season and try some light and fresh options for the workplace end-of-year party. Roast meats, crusty breads and beautiful salads are always a winner, and make it easy to cater for special dietary requirements. If you’re going for finger food, choose baked items over deep-fried foods and go easy on the number of things wrapped in pastry. A cheese board with plenty of colourful dips and dippers is perfect. Make treats small and special, rather than filling half the table. A colourful seasonal fruit platter makes the table look sensational and is a lovely way to finish a meal.

2. Let's get physical

healthy picnic

Instead of a typical dinner function, why not try something a little different? A picnic with lawn games, a cooking class, escape room or even ten pin bowling are great for team building. They also provide an opportunity to get moving and remove some of the expectation that there will be alcohol. More on that…

3. Beyond alcohol

strawberry and mint sparkling water

Depending on your workplace, the thought of a dry end-of-year party might be horrifying or a breath of fresh air. Holding the event in the morning or at a special location removes some of the expectation that alcohol will be served. It will make the event memorable for all the right reasons! If you are providing alcohol, be sure to include some enticing non-alcoholic and low-alcohol options. Choose bar service over cocktail service and make sure there is some food before the bar opens. For more info about alcohol and the workplace check out Alcohol. Think Again.      

4. Gifts that keep on giving

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Try a lighter twist on the standard gifts of chocolates, alcohol, cakes and candies. A box of cherries, mangoes or some fancy dried fruit and nuts will make a welcome change to the box of choccies or cheap bottle of sparkling. Sports equipment, active wear or cooking classes are great gifts that can help get a head start on New Years’ resolutions. For more healthy gift ideas head over here.

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