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Laurence makes small changes #grabbablegut
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Laurence, a Western Australian postal worker, faced turning 53 and at 102kg decided it was time he put his health and his family first.

“My motivation was my young family” says Laurence, who became a father for the first time in his late 40s. “It couldn’t be a quick fix. It took planning and willpower. I stopped making excuses – if I said I would go for a walk after work, I did, no matter how tired I was.”

Laurence is just one of the 70% of West Australian men who are overweight or obese and living with toxic fat around their vital organs. Recent Roy Morgan research shows 61% of men aged 35 to 64 would like to be able to lose that weight.[1]

“I’d seen the LiveLighter ads on TV and the image of the middle-aged man eating junk food really resonated with me,” says Laurence. He reduced his portion sizes and cut out the junk from his diet, choosing foods with no added sugar and lower in fat - and cutting out meat pies, chips, chocolate and lollies.

Laurence also prioritised exercise adding a daily 40 minute walk to his existing 16km bike commute to work.

LiveLighter is encouraging WA men to measure up and make small changes for better health.

And the small changes paid off.  Laurence has lost over 20 kilograms over the last 18 months and is feeling the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

“I feel better, have more energy to keep up with my family and have a better understanding on what is best to eat,” says Laurence, “by making changes over the long term, I’ve been able to break bad habits and create healthier ones.”

He's currently on a six week scuba diving holiday with his family!

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Top 5 tips

  1. CALCULATE your risk by measuring your waist and BMI
  2. CHALLENGE yourself, set goals, and be accountable
  3. PLAN to eat well. It doesn’t happen by accident. LiveLighter’s free meal planners can help.
  4. MOVE at least 30 minutes a day – anything that gets your pulse rate up. Fast walking or cycling is ideal.
  5. COMMIT to healthier habits and choose changes that you can maintain for life

If, like Laurence, you're ready to make a change click here for calculators, meal plans and tips to make small changes that fit in with your lifestyle.

[1] Roy Morgan Single Source Data Mar2017

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