by Amelia Harray, Dietitian

cheese and salad sandwich

With so many options on supermarket shelves, it’s not surprising people are confused when it comes to choosing the best sliced bread.

LiveLighter’s Best Breads Survey reviewed 91 varieties of sliced bread and, while most met recommendations for sugar and saturated fat, there were significant differences in fibre and sodium.

Among the bread offenders, containing too much sodium and not enough fibre, were Mias Wheatbelt Farmhouse White with 495mg of sodium per 100g and 2.2g of fibre per serving, Mias White Sandwich with 480mg of sodium per 100g and 1.5g of fibre per serving and Abbott’s Village Bakery Harvest Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds with 411mg of sodium per 100g and 2.4g of fibre per serving.

Those considered best buys, with sodium levels within the healthy range and the highest amount of fibre, included Burgen Wholemeal and Seeds with 386mg of sodium per 100g and 9g of fibre per serving, Tip Top 9 Grain Wholemeal with 370mg of sodium per 100g and 6.9g of fibre per serving and Abbott’s Village Bakery Grainy Wholemeal with 400mg of sodium per 100g and 6.6g of fibre per serving.

Grain and cereal foods provide essential nutrients for health and bread remains a key food source in the diet of Australians. Dietary Guidelines recommend at least two thirds of grain (cereal) foods eaten are wholegrain yet less than one fifth of the bread consumers choose are wholemeal or mixed grain varieties.

LiveLighter’s Better Sliced Bread Tips:

  • Read the Nutrition Information Panel and look for bread with less than 400mg of sodium per 100g and more than 3g of fibre per serving.
  • Grain and cereal foods (including bread) are nutrient-dense foods and form a key part of the Australian diet.
  • Australian adults (aged 19-70 years) should aim for 4 – 6 servings of grain (cereal) foods per day. One serve is equivalent to 1 slice bread or ½ cup cooked rice, pasta or noodles.
  • It is recommended that people choose mostly wholemeal, multigrain or added fibre varieties for added health benefits.
  • Eating bread in a good way to help meet your fruit and vegetable requirement. Add banana with a nut spread, avocado or tomato, ricotta or cheddar. Check out our best bread recipes.

Best Bread Survey Results

LiveLighter’s Top 10 Bread Best Buys (based on sodium per 100g)

Burgen Wholemeal and Seeds

Tip Top 9 Grain Wholemeal

Abbott’s Village Bake Grainy Wholemeal

Tip Top The One Wholemeal

Helga's Wholemeal & Seed Lower Carb

Wonder White Wholemeal

Helga's 5 Seed Low Carb

Wonderwhite Wholemeal + Iron

Wonder White High Fibre

PureBred Multiseed Loaf


LiveLighter’s Top 10 Bread Offenders (based on sodium per 100g)

Schwobs Swiss Bakery White Sourdough

Helga's Black Rye

Mias Wheatbelt Multigrain with Chia and Quinoa

Mias Multigrain

Mias Wheatbelt Soy and linseed

Mias Wheatbelt Farmhouse White

Mias Wholemeal

Buttercup Country Split

Mias White Sandwich

Burgen Rye Bread

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