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by Anne Finch, Accredited Practising Dietitian for LiveLighter

We’re always up for some spooky-themed fun! These ideas can work for a Halloween party, themed birthday or school holiday boredom busters – for young and old!

Get (witch)crafty

There are loads of great ideas online to transform household items and rubbish into some spine-tingling fun.

jack-o-lantern jars   toilet roll mummy   spider craft

Put googly eyes on it

We’ve got some silly and spooky snack ideas down below, but you can basically turn any food (or object) into a monster with some strategically placed googly eyes. You can buy plastic eyes or make some out of scraps of paper, cardboard or felt. For edible options there’s candy eyes, or use round foods! Olives, blueberries and currants work well, or you can cut shapes out of just about any food to suit the dish.

   googly burgers   fruit monsters   boonanas

Frightening foods

Creepy crafts you can eat? Now you’re talking my language! Get creative, and see what you can whip up in the kitchen! 

egg skull
spider sandwich
mandarin pumpkins
googly pasta
googly pancakes

Fruit monsters

The ingredients are pretty flexible here – it’s all about attitude!

  • Apples, persimmons, melon – any fruit you can cut that will hold its shape!
  • Blanched almonds, pepitas or pinenuts
  • Peanut butter or other nut or seed spread
  • Edible eyes or sultanas attached with toothpicks

apple monster ingredients    slicing apple for monster    peanut butter on apples    apple monsters

Pizza mummies

Adapt to include your favourite toppings or what needs to be used up!

  • Base: Wholegrain bread, wraps or English muffins
  • Sauce: Tomato paste, tomato sauce, passata orcream cheese
  • Bandages: Cheese, zucchini ribbons or sliced wraps
  • Eyes: Olives, blueberries or raisins

pizza bread base    assembling pizza    pizza in oven    pizza mummies

Karaoke to cackle to

Create a monstrous playlist! Absolute musts include The Monster Mash, Zombie, I Put a Spell on You and Ghostbusters theme! For some atmosphere, check out the soundtracks to your favourite horror movies.

creepy organ player

Scavenger hunt

In a scavenger hunt you basically create a trail of clues that finishes with a prize or activity. Tailor the difficulty to the audience, spice things up and move your body! 

  • Players have to complete a physical activity challenge to proceed to the next clue. We’ve got some activity guides for inspiration here
  • How far can you roam? Can you send people to a local haunted park or ghoulish green space? The clue hunters could get riding and use bike paths to get from place to place
  • Include jokes to tickle every skeleton’s funny bones. What’s a vampire’s favourite fruit? A neck-tarine!

spooky book

Happy haunting everyone! We’d love to see your creepy creations! Tag us on Instagram @livelightercampaign and Facebook @LiveLighterCampaign to share the shivers.

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