by Michelle Weall,

Professional Development Workshop
We were thrilled to welcome over 150 health professionals from Western Australia to our Professional Development Forum held at the Bendat Centre in Wembley, WA.

With a strong focus on building the capacity of health professionals in WA and enhancing the West Australian expertise and workforce, attendees participated in 17 hours of presentations and workshops giving local, national and international perspectives on obesity prevention, nutrition, physical activity and environments for change.


  • Kirstan Corben, Alfred Health & VicHealth, Dr Kathy Chapman and Rob Moodie were keynote speakers and each presented practical case studies inspiring change in state, national and international environments.
  • State Round-Robin presentations by health promotion teams across WA updated on their local activities.
  • The 'unveiling' of LiveLighter's Physical Activity component to the Program.

Top Take Home messages:

  • Addressing overweight and obesity requires comprehensive individual, family, community, organisational and environmental changes to create conditions that improve the health of all West Australians.
  • Obesity cannot be solved by one single person, community or organisation. It requires a collaborative effort.
  • Trial initiatives, even if it’s two weeks, then another two weeks, then another two weeks, for six months.
  • Work with businesses and corporations to find solutions, just not the ones that make a profit from harming us.
  • Anti-Big Soda and Anti- Big Food is not the same thing as anti-business or anti-corporation.
  • In WA, Healthway will help you with your grant application, just ask! Check out our Healthway Workshop Video.
  • The evidence behind junk food marketing increasing junk food purchases and consumption is strong.
  • LiveLighter has a range of tools, resources and campaigns available for you to leverage within your local community.

Thank you to our sponsors Healthway for supporting this professional development event. For future LiveLighter professional development events subscribe to our Health Professionals enewsletter.

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