by Anne Finch, Accredited Practising Dietitian for LiveLighter

Will you be sipping on bubbles and slipping down oysters to get in the mood this Valentine’s day? The bad news is… there’s very little evidence of the aphrodisiac (sexy-time-enhancing) properties of either of those foods. But the good news is there’s lots of ways to have fun with food that will get your pulse racing. Here are some of our favourites:

Juicy fruits

Strawberries dipped in chocolate is classic romance. And you’re probably not surprised to hear that (almost) every fruit is fantastic dipped in chocolate! Pears, berries and stone fruit all come up a treat. Figs, strawberries and pomegranates all have mythology linking them to love, romance and sexual prowess. A colourful fruit platter is a beautiful way to finish a meal. No cutlery required ;)   

red fruit and veg.

It’s getting hot in here

Your cheeks are flushed, palms sweating, there’s a warmth spreading across your chest and you catch your breath. Is it love, infatuation or Vindaloo? A hot date with spicy food is a great way to warm up. PLEASE remember to wash your hands after preparing or eating chillies – you don’t want to add too much zing to your date!

spicy fish

thai curry

spicy chicken

Spaghetti with chilli crab

Made with love

Getting a thoughtful, hand-made gift is always a treat. And even better if you can share it! Blueberry banana bread and chocolate zucchini muffins are two of our favourites. Baking not your thing? Assemble a goodie basket with the makings for a gorgeous cheese board or delicious picnic hamper.

Making biscuits

Breakfast in bed

Does anything say ‘I love you’ better than preparing breakfast for your darling while they snooze in bed? We’ve got delicious recipes for every skill (and motivation) level. Bonus points if you make any of these in the shape of a heart or sprinkle them with flowers. Cute.

Choc berry chia pudding

summer breakfast hash.

Poached egg and asparagus

Pear pancakes

Sweets for my sweet

If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered. These recipes all combine sweet, tart and creamy elements to create magic in your mouth. If you’re searching for something simpler; a perfectly ripe peach or freshly sliced strawberries are equally delightful. 

berry rhubarb

Rosewater berry mousse

fruit of the forest

Tropical pannacotta

We hope we’ve inspired you to get fresh in the kitchen and choose romance over restaurants. With a little effort and some thoughtfully chosen ingredients, your Valentine will be swooning in no time. Have a love-ly day everyone!

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