by Clare O'Shea, Media and Communications Officer

Strawberry hearts

This Valentine’s Day skip the hassle of finding the perfect restaurant. It’s time to get loved up at home and cook for that special someone from the bottom of your heart. After all, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a tasty home-cooked meal … especially one that’s healthy.

Our Valentine’s Day meal ideas are not only quick and easy but also nutritious and delicious! Take your pick from our recipe selection:

Start the day right - treat your love (and yourself of course!) to breakfast in bed:


  • Fruity mix toast topper
    • On the plate in 5 minutes and oh-so visually appealing. This little beauty also gets you one step closer to your recommended daily fruit intake!
  • Zucchini and corn fritters
    • Woo your Valentine with a café-quality meal full of nutritious veggies.

Turn up the heat with some spicy seafood:

  • Try our Prawn jambalaya – a healthy main meal that’s guaranteed to impress your loved one. Not a prawn fan? That’s ok! This recipe is very easy to adjust with fish, chicken or even pork.
  • Spaghetti with chilli crab
    • Pasta lovers rejoice! Spaghetti and crab… talk about love at first bite.
  • Want to nail a dinner that will make your lover’s heart sing? Look no further than our spicy BBQ fish with mango salad. It’s full of punchy, fresh flavour!

spicy bbq fish

Love each other, but not seafood? Here’s something for the veggie lovers:

Colour your partner’s Valentine’s Day with one of our fruitful desserts:

honey pannacotta

Keep in mind some of the recipes serve more than two people so you may need to halve quantities. Otherwise, keep the love alive by storing leftovers for the following day! You’ll love yourselves for it.

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