by Alison McAleese, LiveLighter Victoria Campaign Manager and Dietitian

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We've got the lowdown on those frozen sugary drinks, and some healthier super cooling options. 

Clever marketing makes frozen drinks seem like a cheap and innocent way to cool down on a scorching day. But look beyond the price tag and you'll find how packed they are with added sugar! 

The worst offenders had up to 20 teaspoons of sugar per serve - that's like eating 8 icypoles! 

For best health, The World Health Organization recommends adults limit added sugar intake to 6 teaspoons a day. Having even one of these sugar-laden drinks blows that limit out of the water. 

Regularly drinking sugary drinks, including frozen drinks, increases our risk of weight gain. Being above a healthy weight increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and 13 different cancers.

The worst offenders

Product Size Sugar (teaspoons) How many icypoles is that? 
7-11 Slurpee $3 Mega 20 7.6
Hungry Jacks Frozen Coke/ Fanta Jumbo 18 6.9
7-11 Slurpee $2 Super 15 5.7
McDonalds Frozen Coke/ Fanta $1 Large 14 5.2
KFC Freeze $1 Large 12 4.5
7-11 Slurpee $1 Large 11 4.2
Hungry Jacks Frozen Coke/ Fanta Large 12 4.3
(Data collected 2018)

Sugar-free ways to stay cool

  • Keep well hydrated with iced water
  • Use a spray bottle to spritz yourself with water. Keep it in the fridge for added chill factor.
  • Place a cold, wet tea towel over the back of your neck
  • Go for a swim. Even a kiddie paddling pool will do the trick! 

Refreshing options to make at home

We've got loads of gorgeous low and no sugar drink options, including the blueberry, pineapple and sage sparkling water and cherry creaming soda pictured below. 

Low sugar drinks Low sugar drinks

We've also got some fresh frozen treats, including sorbets and popsicles made from simple ingredients. 

Popsicle recipesfrozen treats

How do you stay cool on a hot day? Leave us a comment and we'll spread the word. For more info, check out our top tips for cutting back on sugary drinks

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