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We share our top tips to navigate the menu and add more colour to your plate when you’re eating out.

Breakfast and brunch

  • Get a side of mushrooms or grilled tomatoes with your eggs
  • Check out the fruit and muesli/ granola option
  • Swap the bacon for avocado or house-made beans
  • Try the vegetarian version of the big breakfast
summer breakfast hash
oats and fruit


  • Scan the cabinet for the most colourful rolls, wraps and sandwiches
  • Choose fruit flavours of muffins and baked goodies
  • Ask to add extra to your burger, toastie or sandwich – think beetroot, pineapple or salad
  • Check out the salad specials – they are often more filling than you think!
  • Frittata and quiches often have plenty of vegies inside
  • More and more petrol stations and convenience stores have fruit bowls on the counter. Look for it!
  • Supermarkets have some great ready-to-eat lunches and snacks eg. Side salads, pre-cut vegie sticks or fruits. Other easy-to-eat options include cherry tomatoes, strawberries or even a whole carrot!
slice or frittata
fruity baked goods

At a restaurant

  • Order a salad or vegie dish as a side
  • Check out vegetarian options on the menu
  • Swap a side of chips for baked potato, salad, corn cob or mixed vegies
  • Some cuisines favour more vegies than others. There’s usually great vegie-packed options at Mexican, Indian and Chinese restaurants

roasted potato salad       

Looking for ways to add colour to your home dinner menu?  Explore our favourite tips and recipes to enjoy more fruit and veg everyday. 

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