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by Alison McAleese, LiveLighter Victoria Campaign Manager and Dietitian

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Running a personal best not only requires putting in the miles but also eating right.

We often pay attention to what we eat in the days and hours before a run, but post-training snacks and meals can aid recovery time and improve performance.

But there’s so much conflicting info out there telling us what to eat, so how do you tell the fact from fiction?

Let’s break it down...

After a run it’s important to have some carbohydrates to refuel. Carbs (eg bread, pasta, potatoes, rice) are the easiest source of energy for your body to use.

We also need quality protein for muscle repair. While people with a heavy training schedule or vegetarians might consider a supplement (think protein shake, ball or bar), most of us can get the protein and nutrients we need from a healthy diet (foods like eggs, milk, yoghurt, nuts, fish and meat are all great sources of protein).

So with that in mind, here are my top post-training recovery foods:

Snacks (for sessions up to an hour):

  • 30g nuts or seeds + a piece of fruit
  • Yoghurt – reduced-fat plain, Greek or natural varieties are great, or try one of our DIY recipes
  • Small home-made smoothie – try LiveLighter’s tropical or breakfast smoothie
  • Small tin of tuna + crackers
  • Fruit toast with light cream cheese

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A larger snack (for longer training sessions or a meal after a run):

Egg and avo sandwich Muesli Quick tuna and couscous salad

Once you master the art of post-run fuelling, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your fitness goals!

For more healthy meals and snacks, head to the recipe section of the LiveLighter website.

Need some extra motivation?

Registering for an organised run or walk is a great way to build fitness and keep you on track. Raising money for a cause that’s important to you can also help boost motivation.

Some of our favourite upcoming events include:

To find an event near you, visit  

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