Don't Be Sucked In

Sugary drinks. They give us lots of kilojoules (calories) but don’t fill us up or provide the nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy. Too much sugar can make you put on weight and rot your teeth.

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What's really in that cup?

It’s an uphill battle to say no to sugary drinks. They are addictively sweet, cheap, heavily promoted and widely accessible in fast food outlets, petrol stations, sports centres and delis. The junk food industry uses sneaky marketing techniques to suck us in to thinking that a $1 frozen sugary drink is a fun and harmless way to treat yourself in the warmer weather.

The reality is, frozen sugary drinks can easily contain 30 teaspoons of sugar! That’s well above the World Health Organization recommendation to stick to less than 6 teaspoons of sugar each day. It’s not okay that the junk food industry promotes these sickly sweet beverages as heavily as they do.

What can I do?

Changes you can make straight away to help you avoid sugary drinks

  • Carry a refillable water bottle – save money and reduce waste!
  • Make a healthy version of a slushee at home - all you need is frozen fruit, a touch of juice and a blender!
  • Find out more about the problem with sugary drinks
  • Stick to healthy drinks - still or sparkling water, plain milk, tea and coffee (without added sugar) are all a better choice than sugary drinks
  • Discover the sneaky sugar in "healthier drinks"
  • Read Mike and Michelle's story and get inspired to kick your sugary drinks habit!

What can we do?

It's easy to get sucked in when sugary drinks are all around us. Let’s make the healthy choice the easy choice

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