Don't be sucked in

They're cold, cheap and tempting but what sugary drinks don't advertise is the obscene amount of sugar in them.

Sugar that can cause toxic fat around your vital organs and lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Check out our Top Tips to avoid sugary drinks.

Sugar that can cause toxic fat around your vital organs and lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

LiveLighter has partnered with Rethink Sugary Drink to encourage Aussies to think twice about how much sugar they’re drinking.

Don’t be sucked in. Check out our Top Tips to avoid sugary drinks, and some other ways you can cool down without the sugar.

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Do you know how much sugar you're drinking?

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Plain tap water is the best drink choice. It's cheap, quenches your thirst and has no kilojoules!

Refreshing drink alternatives

Fruit juice (100% juice) can be part of a healthy diet if you have no more than half a cup as it's high in sugar.

Try our refreshing drink recipes!

How do water, sports drinks, juice and soft drinks compare? Find out.

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It’s an uphill battle to say no to sugary drinks. They are addictively sweet, cheap, heavily promoted and widely accessible. Available in fast food outlets, petrol stations, sports centres and delis, you could be forgiven for thinking that at $1 a frozen treat is an affordable, fun, harmless way to treat yourself in the warmer weather.

If we look at the marketing tactics the junk food industry employs to Suck Us In to sugary drinks, especially our youth and then look at just what’s in them, they don’t appear so harmless.

Sugary drinks can easily contain 30 teaspoons of sugar. That’s well above the daily recommendation set by the World Health Organisation of 6 teaspoons. It doesn’t seem right the extent to which the junk food industry is promoting their consumption.

Consider these marketing tactics, which do you think you or your children have been exposed to?

  • Youtube channels and facebook pages
  • Gaming apps and competitions
  • Alluring cheap prices
  • Targeted social media posts
  • Ads on bus stops, sides of bus stops, TV, Radio
  • New flavours
  • Brand ambassadors from sporting teams or pop culture
  • Point of purchase locations, fuel station, supermarket checkouts, vending machines, delis, sporting clubs and rec centres, cinemas

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