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Christmas tree

Sarah Mouritz, student dietitian at Curtin University (2018)

It’s Christmas - a time to eat, drink and be merry! While you might be looking forward to munching on some delicious food over the festive season, chances are you’re not so thrilled by the prospect of the post-meal food coma. We’ve put together our top six tips to help get the balance right.

1. Fruity desserts

Including fruit in your dessert will not only add colour and flavour, it will also make your sweet treats more nutritious. Fruit is high in fibre, keeping you fuller for longer. Need some ideas? Check out our apple puddings with cinnamon custard, honey panna cotta with tropical fruit salsa or apricot custard flan.

Apple and cinnamon puddings

Honey pannacotta with tropical fruit salsa

Apricot custard flan

2. Take a break from drinking

The energy from alcohol can add up quickly. Just two 375mL cans of full-strength beer contain a whopping 1160kJ, that's the same as a piece of fried chicken. If you drink, take note of how much you are having and space out your alcoholic drinks by having a glass of water between each drink. For more tips check out Alcohol. Think Again.

Ski slopes

3. Festive water

Keep jugs of water with ice on the table to prompt everyone to drink more water - fancy them up by making fruit ice cubes or add strawberry and mint to be extra festive!

Strawberry and mint sparkling water

4. Move throughout the day

Get outside and play games with friends and family. Backyard cricket, Frisbee at the park or a stroll along the beach are all great options. Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and shades! Not only will getting active help overcome the post-Christmas lunch sleepiness, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up and have old fashioned fun with loved ones.

5. Choose more veg

To help avoid feeling uncomfortably full after your meal, fill half your plate with vegetables or add a side of salad.

A balanced plate

6. Mind over munch

It’s Christmas day, it’s okay to have a few treats, but be mindful of the amount you are eating. Eat what you actually want, not everything in sight. You’ll feel better for it. Find our top tips on eating mindfully here.

Don’t forget, a day of festive eating is okay, but don’t let the Christmas overindulgence last for the whole month.

Want more ideas for a LiveLighter Christmas? Check out our Healthier Holiday Hub!

Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas from the LiveLighter team

LiveLighter supports future health professionals through engagement with Australian Universities. This student blog was created for LiveLighter as part of a practical placement completed with Cancer Council WA towards completion of a Master of Dietetics at Curtin University, Western Australia.

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