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Start saving today with our money-saving tips and resources for at home and at the supermarket.

Savings tracker and shopping list


Savings Tracker and Shopping List

Budget-friendly recipes

Help your food budget go further with these tasty meal ideas that come in at under $3 per person.*

Lamb and barley soup

Lamb and barley soup

This hearty soup is the perfect warmer for cold winter nights.

Cheesy potato frittata

Cheesy potato frittata

You'll love our easy cheesy frittata that is a tasty take on a potato bake.

Baked tomato rice

Baked tomato rice

This tasty tomato and tuna dish is made with long life staples from the pantry and freezer.

Chicken fried rice

Chicken fried rice

Perfect for fakeaway Fridays, our chicken fried rice is an easy to whip up meal that the whole family will love.

Potato and pea curry

Potato and pea curry

A satisfying vegetarian curry with a creamy tomato and coconut gravy.

Sweet potato and lentil soup recipe

Sweet potato and lentil soup recipe

A simple and filling homemade soup.

Bean burrito

Bean burritos

This vegie-packed bean mix is tasty and versatile.

Quick tuna couscous

Quick tuna couscous

Quick and easy - our two favourite flavours!

Brekkie and lunch on the cheap

We’re sharing some of our favourite low-cost meals that come in at around $1.50 per serving for brekkie and $2.50 for lunch.

@livelightercampaign $11 and we’re sorted for breakfast for the WEEK! ?????? #breakfast #breakfastideas #peanutbutter #banana #foodtok ? Vibes - ZHRMusic
@livelightercampaign Wholegrains + fruit + milk (or milk alternative) = breakfast sorted ????? #breakfast #breakfastideas #cheap #eats #foodtok ? Caramel Latte - Prod. By Rose

Grocery staples for cheap and cheerful meals

Reduce your food bills and avoid extra trips to the supermarket with our cheap and cheerful meal ideas using grocery staples.

A dozen eggs in an egg carton

Eggs are the ultimate ingredient for low-effort fare that somehow still manages to feel a bit fancy.

A fluffy omelette uses up whatever you have on hand and is satisfying and oh so quick to throw together.

Try our easy pea-sy take on the classic smashed avo or add eggs to take a basic salad from humdrum to yum yum.

Tinned beans and lentils

Beans and lentils are a great source of protein and alternative to meat that pulsate with value at just over $1 a can.

Their budget-friendly credentials though are no match for their versatility.

From salads to soups, burritos to burgersdips to dahlcasseroles to curriesand stews to smoothies, legumes are the chameleon of the food world.

Jar of oats and a tub of yoghurt

Oats are ridiculously affordable and are filling and delicious when made into porridge

We love the warm hug of microwave oats in winter but when the warmer weather hits make the swap to bircher muesli for a cool start to your morning.

Add yoghurt and oats to boost up the fibre and protein in smoothies.

More tips and tricks to boost your budget

*Costs were calculated in May 2023 using grocery prices from major supermarket outlets in Perth, Australia. Costs may vary over time and between locations.