by Clare O'Shea, Media and Communications Officer

Morning and afternoon teas offer a great opportunity for us to add colour and variety to our daily intake.

If you're tired of the usual biscuits and stodgy supermarket cake, why not try out our healthy tweaks and recipe suggestions. These will not only leave your guests feeling satisfied but have them avoiding that all too familiar post-morning tea slump.

Scatter your spread with a range of satisfying, healthy and tasty treats from our new recipe range:

  • Our toasted breakfast bars are perfect for gatherings kicking off early in the day. Warm them up just before serving for a tasty, warm treat.
  • Perfect for an afternoon tea our mango chia and chocolate chia pudding recipes look good and taste even better.

Choc chia puddings

  • Our chocolate zucchini muffins are hard to resist. Sneaky veggies boost the vitamin and fibre content of these little beauties.
  • Make sure you dedicate a space for at least one of our four varieties of hummus. Classic, roast pumpkin, beetroot and mint and Mediterranean – there’s something for everyone. Go all out and pair them with our low-fat pita crisps.

hummus 4 ways

Scrumptious stations:

Give your guests the freedom of building a meal or snack the way they’d like it. Fill a table with healthy bites or platters filled with a selection of vegetables, nuts and dips. For example:

  • Pre-cut vegetables and dip:

Cut up veggie sticks, like carrot, celery, capsicum and cucumber. Mix and match these veggies with a dip. Here are some of our favourites:

warm broccoli dip

Hot tip - go for veggies that are in season. These will not only be bursting with flavour but are the most affordable options.

  • Fruit platters and skewers
    • Play with the different colours of your favourite fruits and veggies by stacking and skewering them.
  • Hydration station

Ditch the soft drink– offer these waters to your guests. They are far fancier and healthier!

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strawberry water

Don’t forget to pair your tasty afternoon savoury and sweet treats with a cup of tea or coffee!

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